Gull - VueJS admin dashboard template based on Vuesax, CLI, Vue Router and Vuex.

Gull - Vue is a modern next genaration VueJS Admin Dashboard Template which is Feature Rich, Responsive and Easy To Customize.
Gull-vue is Pure Vue JS Admin Dashboard Template No Jquery Dependancy Which is build on top of VueCli, Vue,Vuex,sass And BootstrapVue Component. Its Comes With four Attractive Dashboard , five apps, 200+ Widgets,Lots of Charts,Ui Components ,Two Different Layouts , LIght version and Dark Version.

We Develop this Product using best vueJs Coding Practice and well documented code. Gull is Mobile Friendly, high Performance Admin Dashboard .


Gull Offers Lots of Awesome Features out of the box, such as :

  • Crafted With Vue Cli
  • Pure Vue Js ,No JQuery
  • Integrated With Vuex,Vue Router ,Webpack,Babel
  • Uses Structured And Customizable Sass Code
  • Lots Of Color Theme Using Sass
  • Two Types Of Layouts
  • Dark Version Included
  • RTL Support Adeed
  • Four Pre Build Dashboard
  • IconsMind Icons
  • Invoice
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Widgets
  • Inbox
  • UI Components
  • Profile & Timeline Page
  • Session Pages
  • Echarts And Apex Charts
  • Clean And Organized Code
  • Well Documented Code
  • Statndard Folder Stucture
  • 6 Months Support
  • Life Time Free Updates
  • And Many More Inside ...

Credits :)

Special Thanks To These Awesome Plugins That Helps Us to Build This Awesome Vue Js Admin Dashboard Template


You Need These Things To Work with Gull-Vue Admin Dashboard Template


To install and use Gull-Vue Admin, It's required to install Node.js on your computer. Node is required only to run and deploy the application. It's not required to have detailed knowledge of Node.js


Gull-Vue Admin uses npm package manager to install and manage 3rd party components and libraries.